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Sparkle Services T16 Success Story

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SPARKLE SERVICES® – Enfield, Connecticut, USA.


Green Seal-certified Sparkle Services, Inc. is a contract cleaner that has earned a reputation as a leader in the building services industry. Sparkle Services designs customised cleaning plans to meet their customers’ specific needs and budgets.


Sparkle Services needed a highly efficient, easy-to-maintain ride-on scrubber-dryer to dry sweep and clean the floors in a 9,290 square metre FedEx distribution centre. The scrubber-dryer also had to be environmentally friendly as FedEx had recently started a “Going Green” advertising campaign.


The Tennant T16 with the dry pre-sweep option was selected because it works great, is easy to maintain, and is equipped with Tennant’s exclusive ec-H2O technology. The T16 scrubber-dryer with ec-H2O™ cleans by electrically converting water into an innovative cleaning solution. This technology cleans effectively, saves money, improves safety, and reduces environmental impact compared to daily cleaning floor chemicals and methods.



"I knew no other company except Tennant could give us what we needed, and we bought the T16 on-site after seeing a demonstration," said Jeff Tingley, President and CEO, Sparkle Services. "The T16 is the ‘Cadillac’ of auto scrubbers-dryers and when I mention the T16, a smile comes on the faces of the operators."


"From this point on, the T16 is the machine we’ll be using because the dry pre-sweep feature does such a good job before we scrub the floor," said Tingley. "It has changed our future because we look at buildings so differently now."

To learn more about ec-H2O technology, call 1-800-964-9644 or Contact Us

Jeff Tingley, President and CEO

"The T16 scrubber-dryer is the finest machine I’ve ever used. It’s the culmination of Tennant paying attention to users. They took everything they learned and poured it into this machine."

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Jeff Tingley
President and CEO,

Sparkle Services


T16 Battery-Powered Ride-on Scrubber-Dryer


ec-H2O™ Electrically Converted Water Technology